Security Audit

Information security can be stressful, expensive, and confusing. As a certified IT Security professional with years of experience, I can help you understand the risks that you face.  I’ll help develop a strategy to mitigate those risks that can bring you the peace of mind you need. Don’t become a statistic of identity theft, electronic theft and/or fraud. The best way to stay ahead of these risks is to perform routine, thorough evaluations of all computer systems.  I suggest at least an annual security audit for the average person or small business. If your business is mid sized to large, a bi-annual or quarterly audit may be in your best interest as new risks present themselves through new services, systems, or processes. A traditional on-site security audit can cost thousands, pricing out many from the benefits of using a security professional.



My basic security audits and powerful and efficient – averaging one hour per workstation or system. At the competitive price of $75.00 per hour and no minimum charges or expensive monthly fees, you receive efficient service at a fraction of the typical cost. Please enter a support ticket, here.